St Edward's Music & Arts Centre

St Edward’s Church is a flourishing centre of worship in the Anglican tradition, with weekly Sunday services of Choral Eucharist and Choral Evensong, and daily acts of worship. For over 30 years the Church has recognised its special ministry to musicians and artists in the locality, and the St Edward’s Music & Arts Centre coordinates that outreach to the community, providing opportunities for amateurs and professionals to rehearse and perform in an auditorium of outstanding acoustic quality. Instruments available at the church include a three-manual pipe organ, and a grand piano.

While most of the activities coordinated by St Edward’s Music & Arts Centre are musical, there are also Art Exhibitions, Poetry Readings, Dramatic Performances and Readings.

Several local professional musicians are currently based at St Edward’s, and many of the music groups welcome new members from the local community. The resident professionals include:

Alison Dite
Sara Clethero
Jayne Thomas
Gary Mullins

Music groups who meet, rehearse and perform at St Edward’s:

St Edward’s Choir
St Edward’s Orchestra
Opera Mint Wales
Opera in Situ
The Rock Choir
The Penylan Singers
The Sapphire Singers

South Wales Clarinet Choir
Pavane Early Music Consort
The Cathays Consort

Cardiff Recorded Music Society

A series of monthly Saturday morning "Coffee Concerts" is organised each year by Jayne Thomas. Some are given by the resident music groups, but the majority are performances by other local musicians.